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GLSyntech , LLC
Your Dependable Chemistry Partner

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GMP & non-GMP Custom Synthesis Service

R&D and Kilo GMP Lab in USA, Manufacturing Plants in China

Over 600 Customized Commercial Products Developed in-house

Sustainably Low Cost Competitiveness for Advanced Chemistries

GLSyntech is a US-based company focused on chemistry technologies, products and services that satisfy customer needs with added values from early discovery, through clinical development, and all way to manufacturing and commercialization, for both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical industries.

GLSyntech offers comprehensive products and services needed for developing pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, veterinary and other specialty chemicals products.



GLSyntech offers more than 14,000 structurally and functionally diverse building block compound products now, about 35% of them have been scaled up 100-1000 kilos and tons.




Chemistry service is an important element in GLSyntech portfolio. It accelerates clients drug discovery process cost effectively from lead generation and optimization, through early phase clinical trial programs. We provide the services from custom synthesis, process development, and cGMP scale-up production help clients to shorten their clinical development time:




7000-liter, 2 sets                                  6000-liter, 3 sets

5000-liter, 5 sets                                  2000-3000-liter, 20 sets

1000-1500-liter, 30 sets                       100-500-liter, 33 sets

o   Temperature Control: -78 to 300 oC;   Vacuum Capability: up to 0.16 Mpa

o   High Distillation Capability; Stainless Steel, Porcelain & Glass-lined Systems

o   12 QC Chemists          

o   NMR, LC-MS, HPLC, GC in-house

o   Wet Chemistry and Analytical Lab